Friday, February 8, 2013

Miss M's Fourth Birthday

A few weeks ago my gorgeous girl turned 4.  She loves fairies so we I decided on a Woodland Fairy theme. So a hunting I would go (pardon the pun) for goodies to fit the theme.

Pinterest of course was a source of inspiration and I searched page after page.  Here's what I came up with and am so so happy with how it all turned out.  As promised too I'm sharing where I sourced the goodies and how much they were.

I found these little fairy books at my local Red Dot store for $1 each so I popped those aside and amazingly enough I found the bags online some time later and they fitted perfectly.  The bags were around $1 each also.  I bought the stamp locally and it was ideal for the theme.

When the girls arrived they had their faces painted by Fairy Jo, she did an amazing job, there were unicorns, rainbows, fairies and puppies.

Rather than a lolly bag each little guest got to choose a fairy dress to wear on the day and take home to keep. 

A little wand cookie decorating was planned.  My poor table had it's own layer of icing in the end.  The wands were stamped with each fairy guests initial. 

A little pink milk.  The bottles are the Santa Vitorrio nectar bottles from Woolies.  These were on special for 6 for $4.


The bunnies are from Bed, Bath and Table which are also our Easter Bunnies.  The bowls are from Kmart for $2. The large mushroom is from Crazy Clarkes for $2.95.  The timber 'box' is from a musical instrument set.  The faux grass was free from my Mother in Law.

The girls loved the little Rosy Jelly pots.  The timber spoons were on clearance from the same store as the calico bags.  The little white house was half price from Thingz $7.95.

The cake was the only thing that didn't turn out as I'd hoped.  I had wanted a four tier ombre cake.  But things didn't go to plan so a two tier it was and we won't go into the icing catastrophe.  The girls loved it and that's all that matters.

So happy with the overall look.

Enjoying a little cake outside.  I cannot believe my gorgeous girl is 4.


  1. Bec it all looks like a little girls (and big girls) dream. And I wouldn't worry about the cake it looks fabulous as two tiers!

  2. Oh Bec, once again an amazing job!! Now I want to see the 40th pictures to!! Great to have you back online again x

  3. Looks fabulous, the k you for sharing. My Matilda turns four in 2 months as well & loves fairies too. Can you please let me know how you made the wand cookies? Thank you

    1. Thanks Danelle, love the similarities with our girls. I can do a post with the recipe if you like x

  4. What other food did you have? I love getting party food ideas for my little Miss, I wish you would have posted more than just your dessert table :-( What a shame the cake didn't turn out. But like you say, as long as the children enjoyed it! x

    1. Hi Kylie, I've learnt quickly to hold morning or afternoon tea parties for Miss M. This reduces the amount of work I have to do for food prep and can spend that time on set up etc.

      Having a close look you'll see there's a variety of food including fruit it's all either red or pink.

      Pinterest is a great source of food ideas x

  5. seriously that is so cute, I love the way you found affordable options as I sometimes think this birthday business can get out of control. But you showed there are plenty of alternatives.


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