Sunday, November 27, 2011

~Giveaway~ Christmas Sorted!

As promised, to celebrate reaching 50 likers I have two copies of Christmas Sorted! A simple and effective guide to organising your Christmas to giveaway.

I love Christmas and this handy little book contains heaps of tips, recipes, gift ideas and more.

To enter, simply be a liker of my facebook page Because.Everything.Counts and leave a comment here sharing your favourite family Christmas tradition.

Competition starts Monday 28th November and ends 10am (WST) Thursday 1st December (so I can pop it in the mail the same day).  Open to Australian residents only (as I can't guarantee pre-Christmas delivery to overseas likers-sorry).  Because family traditions are special to the individual I'll leave it to to choose 2 winners.

One of my Christmas traditions is every Christmas Eve, I'll wait until everyone is in bed, get all the presents out, pop on an old Christmas movie or Carols in the Domain and lovingly wrap each one. I crazily stay up until the wee hours and always make sure I take a photo of the tree beautifully lit with it's twinkly lights with the pressies underneath before they're attacked in the morning.

Good luck and happy sharing..I can't wait to read your entries xx

Sunday, November 20, 2011

5 Things on My Christmas List

Clare from The HOME She Made has created a little tagging game where we share 5 Things on My Christmas List and I'm to tag 5 other pages/ here's mine

Candy Jars - these are my new thing to collect

Gorgeous new camera strap from Happy Snaps on

This is super cute - another new fav thing to collect
 (oops this should come off my list as I already bought her..and her sister!!)

Love the front cover!

and finally, I'm pretty organised but new ideas are always welcome

I actually have a wish list folder on my computer..when I see something I like for either the home, myself or Miss 2 I pop the picture into the folder..when I need gift ideas or to spoil myself I go to the folders.

These items are all lovely but what I really want for Christmas is a happy family, to organise my time better during the day so I can be more active with Miss 2 (a post to come on that) and my health and that of my family.

Soooo 5 pages to tag..I'd love to see what others come up with

Naomi from Seven Cherubs
(I'd love to see what a Mum of seven chooses)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sail boats, Sea spray, Seals and Sunburn!

Today we were lucky enough to be part of a flotilla of boats of all sizes and types to see the start of the next leg of the Clipper Around the World Race.  For more info on the race see

We spent a few leisurely wild hours on my brother in laws ex fishing boat.  I'd like to say leisurely but I'm still swaying despite being on dry land for longer than we were out, I'm covered in bruises from all the rocking and sporting a gorgeous sunburnt forehead!  Oh and suffering the dreaded Mothers Guilt!!

You would think by now having been a parent 18 years (eeeeek) that I would remember everything we need or have to do....but no! It seems I missed a few spots on Miss 2's cheeks and didn't make sure her hat was on at all times, so she's a little pink and I feel sooo bad!

So the lesson of today is Slip, Slop, Slap ~ we're heading out tomorrow to buy some coloured sunscreen (I need to see what I've missed) and a hat with a draw string which I'm hoping Miss 2 will keep on her gorgeous little head! Esp as she's a little blonde haired blue eyed poppet.

But a great day was had by all...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hi and welcome...

Welcome to my little blog.  In here I'll be sharing organising tips (I'm so not an organising queen but I do google a lot - ok so I'm the Google Queen) , some "ooh look what I found" moments, you'll see photos of things I love - my latest love is setting up my craft space. This will be my little creative outlet, my me time. 

I'm a Mum of two, a handsome 18 year old young man Kris who one day soon will join the Army but for now is experiencing life and a gorgeous cheeky 2 and a half year old girl Matilda who with a mop of blonde hair and blue eyes looks nothing like me!!

I really love planning and celebrating birthdays, holidays and I love Christmas!  

You won't find perfection here, just real life.  My photos are going to be far from perfect (blame the bad lighting not the photographer haha).  I'm not looking to be famous but hope to have a few readers along the way.  I'm not setting out to impress but to share.  There's a good chance my grammar is not going to be the best but I do promise to use spell check!

I hope you enjoy, share your thoughts and ideas and join me on this amazing journey...Because Everything Counts..