Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sail boats, Sea spray, Seals and Sunburn!

Today we were lucky enough to be part of a flotilla of boats of all sizes and types to see the start of the next leg of the Clipper Around the World Race.  For more info on the race see

We spent a few leisurely wild hours on my brother in laws ex fishing boat.  I'd like to say leisurely but I'm still swaying despite being on dry land for longer than we were out, I'm covered in bruises from all the rocking and sporting a gorgeous sunburnt forehead!  Oh and suffering the dreaded Mothers Guilt!!

You would think by now having been a parent 18 years (eeeeek) that I would remember everything we need or have to do....but no! It seems I missed a few spots on Miss 2's cheeks and didn't make sure her hat was on at all times, so she's a little pink and I feel sooo bad!

So the lesson of today is Slip, Slop, Slap ~ we're heading out tomorrow to buy some coloured sunscreen (I need to see what I've missed) and a hat with a draw string which I'm hoping Miss 2 will keep on her gorgeous little head! Esp as she's a little blonde haired blue eyed poppet.

But a great day was had by all...

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