Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hi and welcome...

Welcome to my little blog.  In here I'll be sharing organising tips (I'm so not an organising queen but I do google a lot - ok so I'm the Google Queen) , some "ooh look what I found" moments, you'll see photos of things I love - my latest love is setting up my craft space. This will be my little creative outlet, my me time. 

I'm a Mum of two, a handsome 18 year old young man Kris who one day soon will join the Army but for now is experiencing life and a gorgeous cheeky 2 and a half year old girl Matilda who with a mop of blonde hair and blue eyes looks nothing like me!!

I really love planning and celebrating birthdays, holidays and I love Christmas!  

You won't find perfection here, just real life.  My photos are going to be far from perfect (blame the bad lighting not the photographer haha).  I'm not looking to be famous but hope to have a few readers along the way.  I'm not setting out to impress but to share.  There's a good chance my grammar is not going to be the best but I do promise to use spell check!

I hope you enjoy, share your thoughts and ideas and join me on this amazing journey...Because Everything Counts..


  1. Welcome Bec!

    It's wonderfully addictive, I look forward to reading :-)

  2. soo looking forward to sipping a cup of tea and reading your blog in the store :)

  3. lovely post..


  4. Hi BEC! Congratulations on your new blog! You left me a comment about getting your background to be the whole page. On the blogger dashboard, you should be able to go to Design -> Template Designer -> Advanced -> Backgrounds -> from there you should be able to change all of the backgrounds to "transparent".

  5. Shannon thank you so much for your help!! All fixed now..I seriously need to read Blogger for Dummies..next thing to learn is how to reply to comments.


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