Sunday, November 27, 2011

~Giveaway~ Christmas Sorted!

As promised, to celebrate reaching 50 likers I have two copies of Christmas Sorted! A simple and effective guide to organising your Christmas to giveaway.

I love Christmas and this handy little book contains heaps of tips, recipes, gift ideas and more.

To enter, simply be a liker of my facebook page Because.Everything.Counts and leave a comment here sharing your favourite family Christmas tradition.

Competition starts Monday 28th November and ends 10am (WST) Thursday 1st December (so I can pop it in the mail the same day).  Open to Australian residents only (as I can't guarantee pre-Christmas delivery to overseas likers-sorry).  Because family traditions are special to the individual I'll leave it to to choose 2 winners.

One of my Christmas traditions is every Christmas Eve, I'll wait until everyone is in bed, get all the presents out, pop on an old Christmas movie or Carols in the Domain and lovingly wrap each one. I crazily stay up until the wee hours and always make sure I take a photo of the tree beautifully lit with it's twinkly lights with the pressies underneath before they're attacked in the morning.

Good luck and happy sharing..I can't wait to read your entries xx


  1. Oohh YAY!! FIRST entry!!
    Great first giveaway Bec - I'd LOVE this book!!
    One of my favourite Christmas traditions would have to be, watching Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve, usually when we've come home from Christmas Mass. Because our boys are only little and we've only been married for 5 years, there are some 'new' traditions I want to start and now that they are getting old enough to understand, this year I'm starting our open a present before Christmas Day which is going to be a set of PJ's and a book or DVD each. I love getting to create new traditions with our little family.
    xx Clare

  2. I began a new family tradition too a few years back and I think it will keep going long after Im gone, cos the family seem to love it and even the teens make a point of being here for it which I feel is the best compliment. Because I felt the tacky commercial side of Christmas had escalated way out of proportion, I gathered together all my family - 9 couples 6 smallies, and 13 teens for a relaxed fun-filled casual day together at our house on the first Sunday of Advent. So, I have all my Christmas decorating done, except the young cousins trim the tree together, an advent wreath on the hall table, with candle 1 lighting, and tasty curries on the stove with Christmassy desserts later. We gather at 2 and theres always a Christmas craft activity for the smallies with the teens helping, and a seasonal movie for them to watch while the adults drift in and out, maybe eat a little, go for a walk together, sing carols, tell stories, reminisce etc - a really easy day with no expectations besides spending time just BEING with each other. I love it!

  3. we always watch carols by candle light on the tv and just get together as a family. now we have the next generation coming along xmas has gotten all extra special seeing the children's faces with the decorations, lights, presents, junk food! Such a special time for us :)

  4. What a lovely kind thing to do such a wonderful giveaway. We all get together christmas eve for dinner play games and sing. Hope you have a lovely day.

    always Wendy

  5. Our family tradition is food related, it's just not Christmas without peppermint malt slice. Every Christmas since I remember my Nanna made this delicious slice, then mum and now I'm making it for my beautiful family. Not long until I make it again! I cannot wait!

  6. Our family Christmas traditions are talking about baby Jesus being born while tucking the kids in on Christmas eve...and in the morning we unwrap one present at a time and all get excited about the blessings that we get on such a special day... followed by a beautiful lunch with our family and we also invited anyone we know who may not have family to celebrate with and include them in it can end up quite BIG!! There's lots of food, beautiful decoration, carols playing in the background and it usually ends with my grandpa asking my nana for a dance! I love that part! And we all slowly join in!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

  7. Great idea BEc and congrats on 50 plus likers!
    Traditions in our family include lunch every year together on Xmas day, Mums non alcoholic Trifle, my sisters rice salad and my potato salad and for my little/big family, new pyjamas and a Christmas book on Xmas Eve.

  8. Our family tradition is going Christmas light hunting on Christmas Eve, the look on the kids faces as they see all the pretty lights. My kids have been too young to understand Christmas until this year, so I'm sure we will start some new traditions, but definitely the driving around for a couple of hours hunting for the lights is a 'must do' in our family. Christmas eve is usually a late one for myself and hubby as I'm busily wrapping presents and he's in the kitchen preparing food for Christmas lunch (I'm one of the lucky ones that has a hubby to do all the cooking!) So he'll be preparing food for lunch for Christmas day and I'll be sharing the kitchen bench with him (after wrapping presents) making sweets/desserts. Another tradition we have is the Santa photo! We usually get 2 different ones from 2 different places (hoping that in at least one the kids aren't screaming!) No matter how old my kids are I am hoping to always get a Santa photo! Even my nearly 20 yr old son gets in with the little kids for the traditional family Santa photo ♥.. And.. I ALWAYS ring my Dad at midnight on Christmas Eve to wish him Merry Christmas :)... Hmmm didn't think we actually had any traditions until you asked this question and yes, these are the things we do the same EVERY year.. Merry Christmas xxx

    Shireena Datta

  9. Massive family lunch with everyone from my dads side of the family at my aunties farm and either breakfast or dinner with my husbands family. Christmas is all about eating in my family!! However with a three year old and my son turning one in January we will be creating new traditions each year as our own little family. Starting tomorrow on December 1st with the tree decorating!
    Keegan Rigby

  10. Hi friends..dont forget, to have your entry included in the draw you also need to be a liker of my facebook page..

  11. I am so glad I found you! This looks like a great site!

    My favorite tradition is making homemade carmel popcorn balls with my family. My sister and I grew up making them every Christmas Eve with my parents. My dad would eat about 25 of them in the night, and the joke was that "The Grinch" came and ate them. Now my parents come to my house for Christmas and we make popcorn balls with my two daughters. Now my husband gets to be "The Grinch" and eat his fill!!!


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