Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bags, bags, bags

Oh where to store bags when you have limited space?  School bags in particular. We live in an old house - not old as in vintage/interesting.  Old as in built in the late 60's.  That leaves us with not much storage, a very small entrance and small rooms.

Now that Miss M has started kindy (holding back the tears still ~ me that is) we needed somewhere to store her bags, one school and one library.  So the hunt was on.  In her room?  No, not much available space in there as it's only around 3m x 4m. 

I found the perfect space, a space previously unused and probably would never have..until now. I just had to convince hubby to let me do it!

I searched Pinterest (of course!) for ideas and inspiration. 

Oh if we just had more room, I could go crazy with these ideas.

But alas we dont.  So where is the best space I found?  Right behind the front door.  Not on the door itself but the wall behind the door opening. 

I ordered some mdf words from MDF Magic which less than $10 each including postage.  I chose the font I wanted and the thickness (I went for a thin profile as they weren't to hold weight, just look nice!). 

I decided to paint them with chalkboard paint and that way I could pretty them up with coloured chalk polkadots, flowers whatever.

And the end result?  I am so happy with it, it's not big but it works for us.  Now to finish updating the rest of the Family Command Centre.


  1. It looks great! I hadn't thought about that area... Karen

  2. You have a nice space behind your front door don't you. Wish I did! Looks great Bec thanks for the tip about the MDF place. I never knew you could get custom words like that.

    Annaleis - Blogs and PR Team Member

  3. I love this idea and I am busting now to check out MDF Magic too! xx

    1. Eeeeeek ok, I'm a little star struck Sonia. I didn't know you read my blog :-)

  4. May i ask how you put these up on the wall?

    1. Hi Abby, we drilled into the wall stud but you could use the 3m Command Hooks and some hold kilos of bag depending on the hook.


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