Friday, August 16, 2013

How I shopped in 15 minutes and for under $100

As a follower of my page you will know I am a huge fan of menu planning.  It saves me time, money and my sanity.

This week was the easiest by far.  I shopped in our pantry and freezer as well as looked at recipes with maximum flavour but few shop bought ingredients.

I'll share this weeks plan as well as what it cost for each ingredient that made it to our shopping list.

Turkey Roast and Smash Potato
The roast was bought last week on special.  The bag of potatoes were $2.48
Shopping list: $2.48

Chilli & Lemongrass Chicken with Rice
The lemongrass and chilli grows in our garden as does the coriander.  Chicken thigh x 500g was $5.78
Shopping List: $5.78

Fish Curry
The fish was caught by hubby, the coriander is from our garden.
Shopping List: Free

Osso Bucco
Our favourite recipe is found here
The anchovies, tomatoes and the gremolata ingredients are already in our cupboard or garden.  So are the sage, thyme, rosemary and bay leaves.  Osso Bucco $11.05
Shopping List: $11.05

Lentil Soup
We have celery from last weeks shop (buying the celery heart from Woolies stays super crunchy), the carrots are from our garden.  Red lentils $2.13
Shopping List: $2.13

Sweet Curry Mince
I bought mince last week from Coles for $3.00 for 500g.  Fruit Chutney is already in the fridge for sandwiches.  Curry powder is in the cupboard.
Shopping List: Free

Pea Floater Jaffles
This is something very new I'm trying and only putting it on the menu for hubby although I will try it.
Mince $4.16 but I will freeze half.  Peas in the freezer.  Frozen puff pastry in the freezer.
Shopping List: $4.16

That's our menu for the week.  When coming up with our plan I always look at recipes where we might already have ingredients.  We don't have a pantry so we don't have a lot of stock on hand.  We do always have the staples such as diced tomatoes, rice & pasta.  We have a reasonable vegie and herb garden so that also helps. 

This week I also bought a pumpkin on special which will probably become part of next weeks menu. 

Add fruit, bread and sandwich meat for lunches to the shopping list.  Milk for breakfast and coffees and snacks and that's how I shopped this week for under $100.

How I shopped in under 15 minutes was easy too.  I write my list out into categories:
Fruit & Vege

By doing this I shop in sections of the store rather than getting to the freezer section and realising I've missed something at the other end of the shop.  Doing this and knowing the layout of the store means I only shop in the specific aisles and not visit every aisle.  Not wandering the aisles means little to no temptation to buy outside of our list. 

If you would like any of the recipes featured please just ask.

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  1. Nice work, always love saving money

  2. I can never do grocery shopping in under 15 minutes. My weekly rounds usually take me about an hour because I always get distracted by some bright shiny food cans in the next aisle!


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