Thursday, January 16, 2014

My vintage 40th

This post is twelve months in the making!  Last January I turned 40. It's taken this long to a) get the photos off my phone and b) to admit that I have indeed turned 40 (but that's another story).
I decided early on I wanted a vintage look to the party.  I spent many hours visiting you-know-where for ideas.
The theme start with the invitation which was simple and I think gave a glimpse of what was to come.
Next was the cake.  I had an idea of what it was to look like but it was a combination of two cakes.  I put together a mock up and sent it to a gorgeous cake decorator, describing colours etc to her and she did an outstanding job of creating my vision.
I had a wishing well and the group of birdcages that made up the wishing well looked fabulous as you walked in.

I knew a lolly/dessert buffet was to be on offer and it was to all be old fashioned lollies and cakes.


Flowers were everywhere in vases and vessels sourced from our recycling shop.  Cleaned up and wrapped in lace they fitted in perfectly.

Adding a personal touch were photos of me as a child with my family. 

I'm so happy with how it all looked.  I made the most of what I had, the small budget and a room I couldn't do much to.  So many people stopped by and commented and some even asking if it was a wedding reception.  Love it.


 photo f066a69c-69c1-4582-93c0-7505e7d2ebb3_zps0a980266.jpg


  1. Looks fabulous Bec. I'd love a party just like that when I get there!

  2. Looks amazing bec, hope you had a fantastic time

  3. This is my dream 40th party. Unfortunately my 40th has been and gone and it was nothing like this.

  4. Wow Bec - you did an amazing job and I LOVE the cake and the invitations. So tell me - how did you find 40? Was it just the most fabulous year for you? Thanks for linking up hun x


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