Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...

I LOVE Christmas, I love the excitement, the anticipation, the decoration!  I love sparkle ~ from the twinkling lights to the glitter on the decorations.  I don't 'do' tinsel but am a sucker for glitter, on baubles, on trees, you cover it in glitter and I'm in love!

I love decorating my home.  No room goes untouched including yes ~ the toilet!!

So here's a photo or two, sorry it's so photo heavy but a few friends have asked me to share.

First is our entrance, we have a little bench where we take off our shoes.  My errands station is also here.  I love the organisation frame because it has three places for photos or in this case Christmas scrapbook paper.

Miss Matilda's room also gets a special makeover.  She loves her tree and the Christmas book basket is perfect as we read to her every night before bed.  I'm surprised at how many books we actually have, including the same book I read to my son who is now 18 every Christmas Eve, "The Night Before Christmas".

Now if I haven't bored you enough, moving into the living area.  I always decorate my buffet, no matter the occasion that's the focal point.  This buffet is one of the last remaining pieces of furniture from when I moved in with my husband.  I love it. 

This is a terrible photo of one of my favourite pieces of furniture..this is on loan to us from my Mother-in-Law and usually houses my husbands late Dad's beloved Harley Davidson models.  I've repurposed it for now to hold my serving ware. 

And last but by no means least...my tree!!  This tree takes me hours! It's 7ft tall and putting in each branch takes a while but what takes me the longest time it's the decorations.  It's all very precise, I put one on, stand back, check it out and then the next and so on and so on haha.  This years tree is without lights after I had a hissyfit  struggled with the tangled mess that they were...

So there you go, Christmas decorating at my home xx

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