Thursday, March 15, 2012

Menu Plan

Our menu plan for this week has an international flavour.  With St Paddy's day this weekend we've decided to have a few dedicated Irish meals.  We also have a love of all things Moroccan so that has a place too...

Thursday ~ Beer Can Chicken with Pico de gallo salsa
Friday ~  Irish Stew
Saturday ~ Beef & Guinness Pie
Sunday ~ Chicken Kdra with Chick Peas
Monday  ~
Tuesday ~ Pressure Cooked Lamb, Lemon & Mint
Wednesday ~ Date Night

I have intentionally left Monday empty as there's a pretty good chance we'll be out for dinner on Saturday which is St Paddy's Day.  Therefore what is 'booked in' for Saturday will simply move down the line.  That's the joy of menu planning!!

If you'd like any of these recipes I'd be happy to share.

Images courtesy of a little taste of....morocco &

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