Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kids meals

We are really lucky that Matilda isn't a fussy eater.  I've always said you don't have to like everything but you have to at least try it (I used to do this with my boy who is now 19!)  There are things I don't like and won't eat (can't stand peanut butter or peas) so I won't force food onto her. 

Her absolute favourite meal whether it's lunch or dinner is a little mini buffet of cucumber, cheese, crackers and some sort of meat and some fruit. 

Because she has this whenever it fancies her I like to mix it up a bit and go a little crazy with the fondant and cookie cutter, the oohs and wow's tells me that she loves it! 

Here's hubby's version of hamburgers. Cute effort.

And some special Easter lunches this week.

I bought the cookie cutters from Target, 30 cutters for $10 and great timing because there are about five bunny shapes..

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