Monday, April 16, 2012

Daddy & Matilda time

Miss Matilda and Daddy spend alot of time outside together, it's 'their' thing.  The second he get's home Matilda is at the door greeting him, he gets about five minutes to himself before she pushes him outside to play ball or play hide and seek. 

Their current fav thing is spending time in our herb garden.  Matilda loves 'helping' Daddy water (thankfully he doesn't give her the stinky fertiliser water) and eating the strawberries they planted together.  She's always out there checking the progress of them, watching them grow from a flower to something she can eat, seriously cute!

I'm so glad they get to do this together and I love that it gets her outside and she can learn not everything comes from the supermarket.

Our crazy herb garden includes just about everything. Kaffir Lime leaves, Thyme, Tarragon, a Bay tree, Thai Basil, you name it, it's in here.  The secret to its success is it's all on drip retic.

Daddy with the stinky water!! Thankfully it's what makes all this grow!

 Matilda harassing the strawberry patch.  They don't really get a chance to grow the poor things.

Relaxing after their hard work.

The fruits of their labour.  This is a 54L tub.  We keep what we need and give away the rest. 
James also makes pesto with all the basil leaves which is just delish esp being so fresh.

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