Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My poor neglected bathroom

Urgh my poor bathroom.  It's not a very big one.  Our home was built in '69 so we don't have the luxury of two bathrooms nor do we have a bath. It's certainly not an ugly bathroom and has reasonably modern fixtures.  It's just small.

And now for a little disclosure eeeek I thought we had cream tiles in the shower!  I clean them weekly and the only thing I notice is the scum build up is less when I clean.  Well either I haven't been using enough elbow grease or the right cleaner.  Today I get into it with a new product and the new hose my hubby 'built' for me (think garden hose attached to the sink with a spray head on it) and scrubbed my butt off!  Actually Matilda commented that my butt was jiggling!! Out of the mouths of babes!!  So this new cleaner is 'amazeballs' because under years, probably decades of ground in soap scum we actually have white tiles!!  Well there you go! 

I also decided the bathroom was also long overdue for a clean out and organising.  Hubby is always commented on how much stuff I have in the cupboard.  But it's one of those things that you notice when you're getting ready in the morning and only remember again the next morning. 

There are no amazing organising tips on offer here but I love a good before and after...

This is my drawer. No need to show hubby's, his is organised! Freak!! 

Ahhhh that's better, cleaner and more organised. The mesh tray was on clearance at Target. I grabbed it not having a specific use in mind but I knew I'd use it somewhere.

No before for these pics, it was mainly in the baskets that needed work.  The small baskets were repurposed from my drawer, gotta love that!


I purged so much when going through the baskets.  Mainly out of date lotions, very out of date hotel shampoos (our Egypt trip where they came from was in 2007!!)  Just by reorganising I found items I'd 'lost' including expensive anti-wrinkle eye serum (that's hard to admit! It means I'm getting old waaah)

I decided to keep some of the hotel freebies for camping.

The cleaning basket includes a free hotel toothbrush which I use to clean the sink drain.

So that's it, no major organising tips, but I can tell you the difference in just accessing everything is worth the time it took to do.


  1. Thank you, I have been looking for organisation hints and I love the baskets!!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment Ann, glad you got something from the post. I love the baskets too..we have quite a few in the house.


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