Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Why I Menu Plan Part Three

This is it, I promised I'd share how I make shopping easier, faster and less stressful...for me.

Yes I have one child so it's definitely easier than for those who have more than one.  I'm not saying my way is perfect but it's the way it works for me.  This is the same thing I did when shopping with my boy who is now 19 and because it worked then, I'm keeping it up with Miss 3.

It starts well before I leave home and that's with the menu plan itself.  Here is where I shared with you how I do the actual planning.

This is how I set out my plan and shopping list.  I include the magazine I've used for the recipe and the page number to make it easier. Having it popped onto the fridge means I can see what meat I need to defrost for the night.

This is my lifesaver though and the key to me getting out of the shops quickly. Sorting the list into the categories means I don't forget anything as I visit one section at a time and don't visit every aisle when I don't need to.

This is also how I put it onto the conveyor belt which means it gets packed together. There is nothing worse than getting home, thinking you'll just pop the cold stuff away as you're in a rush, only to find there is bacon in with cans! Grrr my pet hate!

It gets put through the check out quicker too as the cashier doesn't need to 'fossik' for anything. It's all there..

Lastly, I find these things invaluable for keeping Miss M tantrum free.  I feel if she's going to throw a 'wobbly' it's because she's tired/bored/hungry/thirsty.  If I cover all those bases I'm reducing the chance of a tantrum (doesn't mean 100% that they're not going to happen).

Miss M chooses her book, the snacks are not squishable, in case she drops them whilst shopping, and the etch-a-sketch means no dropping pencils/crayons.

Last but not least is this groovy little accessory.  This is actually made for prams but I found it fits on the handle of the trolley...awesome and only AU$15 from our local babyshop.

So there you go, hope you got something from the 'series'.  I know that these tips and tricks have saved us money and my sanity.


  1. I thought I was organised but you take it to a whole new level! Well done Bec x

    1. Hahaha thanks Miss Jane. Some would call it OTT or OCD. Either way works for me x


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