Saturday, May 12, 2012

~ Giveaway ~

I'm so excited to have reached 250 likers.  So as promised I have a little giveaway.  I have a bit of a bag fettish... handbags, beach totes and lunch bags.  I have a few favourites but they're mostly for Matilda.

When I spotted this one, I knew I had to have it..for me.  I work two days a week so this is great to take my lunch with me.  After using it, I thought it would make a great giveaway so other's could love it too. 

The bag itself is almost handbag like.  It's insulated and is a good size.  As you can see I can fit two Sandwich Keepers and a few snackpots inside.

I have 2 of these to give away and I will add another bag if the Because Everything Counts Facebook page reaches 300 likers by the end of the giveaway. That's potentially 3 chances to win!

Giveaway details

The Giveaway will run here on the Because Everything Counts blog page.   
It will run from Saturday 12 May 2012 and end 8pm (WST) Saturday 19 May 2012

Entry is open to Australian residents only (sorry, the postage overseas will be too much for me to bare).  One entry per person.  The winner who has met the requirements will be chosen via

How to Enter

To enter you must be a liker of the Because Everything Counts Facebook page.

Please leave a comment below this post, the comment could even be your favourite lunchbox tip.  Also include your full name.

Good luck xx

PS, Please note the Tupperware is not included in the prize, it is the lunchbag up for grabs.  The Tupperware is to show just how much the bag can fit inside x


  1. At the moment I only have to worry about organising hubby's lunch but my number one tip is to be organised and plan ahead. Try and get as much ready the night before :)
    Gemma Moore

  2. At the moment I'm lucky an don't have to make lunch boxes (that will all change next year when miss A goes to kindy) so I haven't got many tips! I am also of the do as much as you can the night before fashion! Especially if I'm working an early shift the next morning!
    Keegan Rigby

  3. I follow via facebook =]

    We found out that my oldest daughter doesn't tolerate gluten, so now I have to send her off with lunch to school. The only tip I can give is that I would try to prepare the most I can the night before.


    Kenia Perales

  4. I am all for preparing as much as you can ahead of time! I bake fresh savoury and sweet muffins, freeze them and pop one in the lunchbox, it thaws perfectly by lunchtime and also helps to keep the other food cool!
    Bel Henderson

  5. What a great little giveaway.
    Loving your blog, only recently found it :)

  6. For weeks when you'll know you'll be flat out , make ahead a bunch of freezable sandwiches on the weekend so you can just grab one out in the morning and go.
    Linley Simons

  7. Love the giveaway! Always use fresh bread for sandwiches - even if your freezing them as it makes them thaw much nicer!

  8. What a great prize! I am new to your blog, but LOVE what I see! Larissa ~ My Pigeon Pair

  9. Just became a liker on Facebook and found you via "My Pigeon Pair", another great blog!

    I always use the tupperware lunch boxes or sandwich keepers so I don't need to use glad wrap or alfoil, saves time for the kiddies and saves the environment too :-)

  10. Love your page :-) My tip is - I have 5 young boys to do lunches for, and it is easier to do them the night before...I bought 5 white baskets from Coles, and I pop everything in there - snacks, fruit, crunch and sip, treats...and then in the morning it is super easy to pack the lunch bags....with named containers in there, even the kids can help out and pack ;-)
    Debbie Schotte

  11. Invest in Tupperware lunchboxes, they'll pay for themselves in no time

  12. Your page is beautifully done! Love ths lunch bag also! I will be needing the tips for lunch next yr when my littlest girl goes to school! <3

  13. what a sweet give away!!
    Lunch box tip... frozen poppers (juice boxes) are the best, and edible ice brick!!

    Thanks for such a great give away!

    Belinda Scott!

  14. screw the kids I want this for me LOL Looks like I'll be back at work next year so something like this woudl be great.

    my lunch box tip is to do them at the same time as serving breakfast - means you are only cleaning the kitchen once and do them everyday even on the days you aren't going anyway. Certainly saves me time!

  15. Just found your blog thanks to midwest kids, looks grreat! Love dinner left over or veggi patty for lunch!
    Cath Bibian Dalle

  16. I love this tote bag it almost looks like a hand bag, I am a preschool teacher and I think all the kids would think I was a pretty groovy teacher with this lol. Lunch box tip know if your child can manage glad wrap and other packets including yougurt ones where you have to rip the tops off. Half my lunchtime is taken up opening packets lol.

  17. Loving all the tips and comments thanks everyone. Please make sure you're a liker of the Facebook page and that you're an Australian resident as per the entry requirements. I'll have to check everyone before commencing the draw tomorrow.

    Please continue to share too as we need only 30 more likers for me to add another bag to the prize pool

    xx Bec

  18. Freeze juice boxes keeps lunch cool and the drink chilled for longer ... saves loosing those ice brick thingos which my child is awesome at :P

  19. What a great giveaway! My girls love lots of little things...I think they love te surprise of opening each container to see what they contain!!

    Kendall Millan

  20. What a lovely lunch bag, so pretty. I like nothing better than taking the kids to the park for a picnic lunch and watching them have a ball. Would be lovely to take this pretty bag then the ugly blue Coles cooler bag I currenty cart around with me. Carolyn Bagini :)

  21. My lunchtime tip is TUCKSHOP! I get a beautiful sald made for me each day for $3.50. I love it! Thank you for the giveaway - very exciting

  22. Lovely bags great work I always freeze my boys poppers fir there lunch
    Rachel De Pauw -

  23. That looks nothing like those hideous lunch bags you see everyone else carrying around. No one in their right mind can think fluro coloured zipper bags that look like they were made using every colour they could find assembled into a mismatched pattern looks great. Or if they are a decent colour for some reason the company's think we want graffiti print on them!!!!!!

    This one however looks like a cute little handbag, very sweet!

    Amanda W

  24. Loving all that you do, your blog, your giveaway,
    Thanks for letting me be apart of it
    Arielle Taylor

  25. Love the lunch bag :) Would be perfect for me to take lunch to TAFE! Amy Fredricks

  26. Surprises but not everyday.

    Terhi Lake

  27. Susan butterworthMay 19, 2012 at 8:01 PM

    I'm a new liker of your Facebook page. We also have a fetish for lunch totes, lunch boxes and pretty much bags and handbags of all descriptions. Life's too short not to have a fabulous lunchbox :-) susan butterworth


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