Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sand Card Fun

We met the lovely Jo and her gorgeous kids while we were all on holidays in Monkey Mia and got talking about her business.  The Sand Card Company offers kits of beautiful cards which you colour using sand.

When Jo offered to send me a kit for Matilda and I to play with I jumped at the chance.

The kit we received had a super cute Bambi design with sachets of coloured sand.

The idea is to peel off layers of the card to reveal the adhesive backing, one layer at a time. 
You then colour the card using the sand.

 We peeled off the sky and Matilda chose the dark blue sand to sprinkle

Then the ground.
We tapped off the excess sand in between layers.

The smaller layers were a bit fiddly for Matilda so I got to have my turn. 
This is where you can see it really coming together. 

The finished product.  Now this was seriously sweet until Matilda insisted on playing with the black sand.. Still cute though and the greatest thing is we had so much fun doing it together.
Would I get more kits?  Definitely.  I think these make great Christmas or birthday presents or just for a crafternoon of fun.

Would I do anything differently? I'd probably find a different way to sprinkle the sand (the instructions did suggest a spoon which we'll try next time) as it was a bit hit and miss but the best thing is...practice makes perfect.  I'm off to order some more kits.

The Sand Card Company also offer kits for corporate events, fetes and birthday parties.  Check out her Facebook page for examples of other cards.

Thanks so much Jo x

This was a sponsored post but the opinions and fun are ours.


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  1. OMG Talk about taking me back to my childhood. I remember sand paintings. so cute!


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