Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our Strawberry Patch

I've talked about Daddy & Matilda time here.  The majority of their time is spent outside which they both love.  Matilda pounces on her Daddy as soon as he gets home and 'harasses' him until he takes her outside to play.

Hubby has reclaimed more of our garden and has created raised garden beds, the first is our new strawberry patch.  Forget the one plant we had last year, we now have a dozen! 

We keep an eagle eye out for the first buds of fruit.  I love teaching her the process of plant, to flower, to fruit to tummy!

Carefully selecting the right plants

Haha Matilda nearly 'faceplanting' trying to help.
Retic is the key to success

Daddy even surprised Matilda with a little turtle to watch over her crop.


  1. We just have no luck with strawberries, and it's such a shame because we go through them like nothing else. I look forward to taking the kids to a strawberry farm for a bit of picking. that would be fun. good luck with your garden.

  2. Just gorgeous!!
    We are looking forward to planting our first vegie garden with the kids in the next 2 weeks...

  3. Home grown strawberries are THE best strawberries!! Yummo!

  4. I'm a little bit in love with that turtle! Must find one. :)

    We're about to start growing some veges in our new yard. Must remember to put strawberries on my list. I had forgotten them, somehow.

  5. It is a bit cute isn't Melissa? He's from Bunnings.

    We used to have half of our garden as a vegie patch. We had leeks, silverbeet, onions. Hubby went a little crazy with it :-)


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