Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shopping List with a Twist

Thursday is my meal planning and shopping day.  I involve Matilda as much as possible while we're out shopping.  I figure if she's not bored she'll be less likely to throw a tantrum.

She helps choose the goodies and puts them into bags...mushrooms take a while as she counts them in one by one!

You'll remember here is where I shared what I take with us to keep her entertained. 

But lately she's been more interested in the shopping list and crossing things off, so I decided to make her own shopping list complete with pictures.

I attach it to a little mdf clipboard from Officeworks and this way she'll learn to match the words and pictures as well as being involved. 


  1. That is so cute, Bec! What it a coincidence or on purpose that the items are in alphabetical order (and is weird that I noticed)? I do something similar with Bella but I let her cut out things from a catalogue and glue them into an exercise book and then she ticks them off at the shops. I have a few little clipboards, they'd be much easier for her to carry and tick things off, thanks for the tip :)

  2. Matilda is a sweetheart! The list is a great idea, especially that it has pictures. Not only attractive to kids, but they will learn from it as well. I smiled when you said she counts the mushrooms one by one. So cute :)

  3. It is a brilliant idea as a literacy activity, to keep kids entertained and is a great way to make kids more interested in the 'right' types of foods. Love it and thank you for sharing it!


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