Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Round Up

A little late but here is our Halloween round up.

Miss Matilda had a few friends around for a little Halloween crafting session.

Nothing too full on, just some paper plate ghosts and pumpkins.

I first started with the paper plate, cutting a circle from the centre.  Keep this and use it to make the ghost. 
Cut out a circle of contact a little larger than the centre plate you cut.  Remove the paper, turn over the plate and pop the contact onto the back. Turn the plate back over and cover the contact centre with the paper (make sure you put the paper shiny side down or the paper will stick to the contact).  Using contact is so much cleaner than glue.
We used orange tissue paper for the pumpkins and cotton balls for the ghost.  Matilda missed out on a contact plate so she had fun with glue instead.
The girls had so much fun making their ghosts and pumpkins but it was over way too quick with one girl dumping everything on her plate!  They enjoyed themselves though and then it was time for snacks.

A little decorating around the house.
I am ok with the spiders if they have smiley scary Halloween here!
Each little girl received a drink cup to keep. 
The snacks were the best part, if you ignore the smudged pumpkin face (these are fruit jelly cups). 
I love the rice crispie ghosts! 
Halloween can be lots of fun, no scary stuff here and no trick or treating.


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  1. I bet Matilda and her friend loved this! I would've and your right you don't have to got trick or treating or make it scary.


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