Monday, September 2, 2013

Menu Plan

A new week, a new menu plan.
Sticky meatball stir-fry
This was nice and easy.  Maggi Stir-fry Sauce which has the infusion paste and finishing sauce.  I marinated the meatballs in the infusion paste.  Added the vegies, noodles and finishing sauce.  So simple.
Bangers, Mash and Peas
Yeah, not my favourite.  But it's hubby's time to cook and this is his favourite.
Butter Chicken
Hubby made from scratch and it was quite nice except I'm always the one to find the cardamom pods with a crunch.
Beer Can Chicken and Coleslaw
Moroccan Lamb Pie
I always prefer to make individual pies in small ramekins.
Bacon, Corn and Chive Rice
This looks super easy and I look forward to trying it.
Pork Schnitzel and Vegies
I have just watched Donna Hay top some schnitzels with fresh breadcrumbs and pop them under the grill so I might give that a try.
This weeks recipes are a mix from Recipes + and Super Food Ideas.  If there's something you're interested in adding to your plan I'd be happy to share the recipe.

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