Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rainy days..special moments

All this rain reminds me of a post a friend of mine wrote on her blog last year about letting kids be kids...not to worry so much about getting on with the endless jobs or rushing the kids to the next thing we have to do but to enjoy a moment.

"My dare for you this week... Let the kids splash in a puddle!!
No, not when you have planned it and they are in their play clothes and gumboots ... but in a spontaneous moment!... You may even join them... I wish I had!

Have a blessed day...and mums...its just a little mud and water!!"

The very next time it rained I let Matilda do just that (though I did put a raincoat & gumboots on her) and these are the beautiful photos I captured.  She had a fantastic time! She got muddy, she got wet, she was wrapped up in the moment and so was I.

Thank you Jess x


  1. Look how much fun she is having! Gorgeous photos Bec! xxx

    1. Thanks Annaleis, I love the first one when she felt the rain on her face..I would love to print and frame these.


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