Monday, June 18, 2012

Sugar and spice and all things nice...

I thought I'd share how I store Miss Matilda's hair accessories.  I do her hair in the bathroom so I wanted to store them where they were easy to access but also matched the decor.

It's not the cutest idea, but it's something I already had, it's so easy to clean and I can see everything I need.

I picked this up from Target a while ago just because I liked it and was planning on using it in the kitchen but our bench couldn't really take the width of it.  Then I realised it would be perfect for hair accessories. 

I bought the little white buckets from Pink Frosting for Miss M's birthday and had a few left over.  I've used them to separate basic hair clips, basic hair ties and pretty ties.

You can see she has a serious amount of headbands.  That would be because she was practically bald until she was 18 months old!

There are lots of ideas out there, and so many things you could repurpose, think pretty bowls, gift boxes, mini suitcases, hurricane vases.

Here are a few ideas I saved pre Pinterest;

One: Sharnel Dollar Designs
Two, Three, Four, Five - All Ikea
Six: Birdcage I found on clearance at Target


  1. I love those little buckets, super cute. I need an excuse to buy some I think! lol.

    1. Laura I use them for so many things. I used them filled with flower biscuits for Miss M's birthday, now using them as the clip/hair tie containers. Pink Frosting have a great range including different colours.

  2. Hi Bec,

    I have tagged you in the Kreativ award

    1. Hi Laura, sorry I've missed this and omg thank you so much xx


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