Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Quack Quack...a quacker of a baby shower

I love hosting parties, I love the lead up to it, I love finding ideas.  This baby shower was no exception. 

A friend of ours from Mum's group is due in 10 weeks and our little group have been together for almost 3 years.  We catch up quite regularly especially around Christmas and birthdays and then not see each other for months. 

So we organised a catch up at my place ~ complete with craft for the girls.  I thought it would be a good chance for us to host a surprise baby shower.  We also decided to give the little bundle books to start his or her library.

I originally wanted to do a vintage book theme to go with the gift idea, but then quickly realised I had so many yellow props that a rubber ducky theme was the way to go...thanks Pinterest for the ideas..gotta love that site.

So here are a few photos of the day..

Unfortunately I discovered after the fact that this photo was blurry...it's all thanks to the lens on my phone being dirty.  Note to self, clean the lense before taking photos..lesson learnt

Rubber duckies are soo cute...and this gave us the chance to get rid of Miss M's mouldy ones (ewwww) and replace them with new ones..party decoration then bath toy..win/win I say

I love the lace parasols, I found them at a local 2 buck shop for $1 each.
I love them and know I'll use them again...mmm thinking high tea for Matilda and friends.

Craft for the girls...

Some banana milk for the girls and yummy citrus iced water for us.

I was going to make duck cookies then decided we had enough sweet stuff
so I made duckie cheese sandwiches instead.

Another pic of my drink dispenser...just because I love it haha



  1. I love the hanging parasols, so cute!

  2. They are aren't they? And so inexpensive too..gotta love that x

  3. Gorgeous Bec. Where did you get the drink dispenser from? I want a couple for Maxon's birthday x

  4. Thanks love, hubby bought it locally for me for my birthday. I'm sure you could buy or rent locally to you x Little Big Company have some

  5. Hi Bec, this looks amazing - so clever!! I love the sandwiches too. As for the drink dispensers I have 3.... greedy much?!

  6. Thanks, I loved how it turned out. Always good when the picture in my head is the picture I see in front of me.

    I wish I had more drink dispensers but alas I live a rural life and there are not a lot of funky homewares stores nearby.


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