Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sample Meal Plan

This weeks meal plan is super simple with yummy tummy warming recipes.

We tend to either slow cook or use the pressure cooker during winter.  The pressure cooker is perfect for when we've been out and about and don't have a huge amount of time for slow cooking.  Both mean we can use cheaper cuts of meat like chuck steak or gravy beef.

The beef bourguignon is brilliant as half the mixture forms the basis for the beef stroganoff in next weeks meal

So on with the plan;

Thursday ~ Scotch Fillet with Chilli Chips

Friday ~ Red Curry Pork

Saturday ~ Irish Stew

Sunday ~ Balti Chicken

Monday ~ Rogan Josh

Tuesday ~ Beef Bourguignon with Chive Dumplings

Wednesday ~ Date/Trivia Night

I couldn't find the recipe online so this was a recipe I've used before.  If you're interested in the Beef Bourguignon with Chive Dumplings recipe it's in the July issue of Super Food Ideas. 

I'd be happy to share any of the recipes, just leave a comment below letting me know which one you'd like.

xx Bec


  1. Hi Bec - dropping by via Lovely Living. Leaving some blog love. Looking forawrd to reading your blog now that I am a 'follower'. Cassie x

  2. Thanks for popping by Cassie. I'm more of a sharer than a blogger so you'll find more happening on my facebook page. More confidence in my writing = more blog posts

  3. Oh wow that Beef Bourguignon looks delicious! Are the chive dumplings hard to make?! I'd love to have a copy of the recipe!

  4. Hi Lisa, I've created a post with the recipe. Enjoy


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