Sunday, October 6, 2013

A menu plan

It's been a little while since I posted our Menu Plan.  Between James being away or us camping, there wasn't really one to speak of, well not worth posting anyways.
But here is this weeks.  The majority of the recipes once again come from Super food Ideas.
Turkey Roll with Roasted Beetroot and Carrots
The beetroot and carrots were from our garden and are so good freshly picked.
Grilled Lamb Steaks with Lemon, Parsley and Chilli Dressing
Pork Cutlets with Honey Mustard Sauce
Spring Vegetable and Prawn Risotto with Lemon and Dill Oil
This recipe has my current favourite thing ~ goats cheese!  I will get this from the local Farmers market.
Chicken Thigh Marinated and Asian Coleslaw
I cheated and bought a bag of Coleslaw from Woolies
Spicy Prawn Spaghetti
I'm looking forward to this, I'll probably omit or reduce the chilli so Matilda can enjoy this. 
This has asparagus and cherry tomatoes which we will probably get from the local Farmers market.

 photo f066a69c-69c1-4582-93c0-7505e7d2ebb3_zps0a980266.jpg


  1. Yummo, roast beetroot is the best. I make a yummy roast beet and roast carrot salad, clearly they're meant to be together.

  2. I need/want to get more adventurous with beetroot. I'm going to attempt roast beetroot this weekend. Sounds delicious.


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