Thursday, February 23, 2012

Valentines Day Decor

Ok so a little later than promised..oops

I love decorating our little space..The configuration in our house is pretty set, I can't change much.  But I can play with and change my buffet.  The only thing that 'bugs' me is the fact that there's a window behind it and not a solid wall..but oh well, we make do with what we have.

So my little buffet gets the holiday treatment.  Hubby has pretty much resigned himself to that fact!  Occasionally in between holidays I'll have photos etc on display.

Here is last years Valentines Day display

I made the tissue paper heart, thanks to the sweet Erin at The Sunny Side Up for the idea.

And this years display..

You'll see I've repurposed the LOVE bunting from last year and the doily bunting from Matilda's birthday. 

I had created a subway art of our wedding songs but unfortunately our printer decided it wasn't going to co-operate so I popped another photo of my beautiful girl (any excuse!)

Not sure if you can see it but I also included a gorgeous metal lace filigree Eiffel tower.  My Mother In Law brought this back from a recent trip of hers.  It is so pretty and so delicate.  I was a bit lucky because she also bought me a pretty bracelet and even better ~ she's taking me to Paris when Miss 3 is a little older ~ eeek!!!

So there you go, my Valentines display xx

The next displays will be a small one for St David's Day (we are part Welsh), one for St Paddy's (we both have Irish in our backgrounds) and of course Easter!! 

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