Monday, February 6, 2012

Matilda's 3rd Birthday

I love organising parties, I love searching for ideas ~ thanks to pinterest, google and blogs I love.  My poor craft room looks like party central for weeks before the event.  I especially love creating a story board of ideas.  But what I dont love is when the picture in my head of what I want to create doesnt come to fruition.  That's the case for Matilda's 3rd birthday recently.  I swear I cried more during the set up of this party than I did setting up my wedding reception the day of my wedding!  Ridiculous really (checking if you're reading this Sherry!)

Tears of frustration when so many things worked against me to create the perfect party.  The drink dispenser a lovely stranger lent me for the day leaked, the topiary balloons wouldnt stand up against the wind!  The Dolly varden cake took 2 hours to cook instead of the apparently required 45 minutes which meant decorating it with frosting and the few marshmallows I had instead of the fondant I wanted to use!!  Let's not forget to mention the backdrop wouldnt stay up, I couldnt put the food out as it was quite a warm day and the yummy afternoon tea would have been stale to say the least.  Oh and I had more than one guest turn up a little early and got to witness first hand my frustration!
So here it is the story board of ideas

I did make the rice crispy hearts (easy but sticky), the doily bunting (being repurposed in our valentines display), the cupcakes and the disaster Dolly varden cake (it took forever but it was yummy).

The invitation was fun, and I try to make as many things as I can for her parties.  Love that we got to use her handprints.

This is the end result.  And in the end all that matters was not whether the party was picture perfect but that my gorgeous girl had a great time.  And she did!


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