Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

What a gorgeous Valentines Day I had.

I decided long ago that it doesn't have to be a day of commercialism.  My day was full of love, love for friends, family, my lovely hubby and my precious girl.

Miss M and I shared yummy morning tea with beautiful friends.

I made a special plate just for my Love Bug!  She loves watermelon!

I then set her up with some craft...I used a packet of self laminating pouches I nearly put out into our garage sale and had a lightbulb moment and thought we could use them in our craft activities..She loved sorting through the big jar of buttons I had and finding the pink ones.

We then delivered a yummy pav to a wonderful friend of ours who runs the local Party Shop who I knew would be so busy she wouldn't get a chance to even have lunch - at least she got a sugar fix!  We love this beautiful lady, she is so generous in her love and hugs!  Matilda adores her.

I still have a few pics to upload of our Valentines decor for home..

I hope you all had a gorgeous day xx

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