Thursday, July 4, 2013

A reading corner

If you follow my Facebook page you would have seen the little makeover I did on Miss Matilda's reading corner.

This corner has housed a rocking chair, a wicker chair and now a little soft space for her to sit in, read, relax and enjoy.  Having somewhere to read with Matilda is really important to us and although her room is small I'll always ensure we can continue these special moments.

I wanted something fun and yet peaceful for her so I began searching through Pinterest deciding upon a cloud/rainbow theme.

Having a look at what we already had in the house that I could repurpose, I found the large pom poms I used for my 40th birthday decorations.  I only had to buy the medium and small.

I did want to make wool pom poms but alas they're not how I remembered as a child.  So cotton balls strung on thread to create the look of snow is what we ended up with.  Simple and inexpensive. I also remembered seeing cotton ball snow on the lovely Bianca's A little delightful blog and followed her instructions.

This is how the reading corner looked just after we changed the cot for a big girl bed.

And now

I'm so happy with how it turned out, and more importantly so is Matilda.  It will continue to evolve, the snowballs may become raindrops.  The books are only a fraction of what she has but we'll rotate them every few weeks in the way we do when we have holiday themed book baskets.

As promised too, here are the stockists.

The pom poms are available in kit form from WA discount store Red Dot. The large were $7.99 for two, the medium $3.99 for two and the small $2.99 for two.  I know Spotlight carry the Martha Stewart kits but they're a little expensive.  You could also make your own without the kit, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube which are easy to follow.

The bookcase was $7.00 from Crazy Clarks

The gorgeous cloud cushion is $12.95 and from Ollie Rose which we love love love!  We have another coming, this time with a little pink bow.

I found the print on Pinterest, I printed this at home as a temporary measure.  The pin took me to the designers store but she didn't have it listed for sale.  I've since contacted her to see if she'll relist them so I can have the real thing and to credit her as the designer which of course is the right thing to do.  After all the print is her hard work and should be recognised.

x Bec

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  1. what a sweet corner bec! loving that cloud pillow. x


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