Friday, July 12, 2013

Holiday Fun List

Every school holidays we make a list of things we want to do, to make and to see.  Every holidays we forget half of it.  We either don't have the things we need to do the craft we'd planned or we just get busy.

So this holidays I decided that was to change.  I went searching for a printable that looked fun, inviting and we would display to get excited.  I found quite a few especially on Pinterest but the most gorgeous one we loved was thanks to the clever Bianca at a little delightful, you can find it here.

Miss M and I sat down and made a list of the things we wanted to do, make and see and popped them on the planner.  It's been great.  It meant that I could buy or gather the supplies in advance.  We went for craft which were low cost or from supplies which we already had.  It means we've planned our days and don't really wonder what we're going to do.  I also work two days a week even during the holidays so it gives us both something to look forward to.

Here are our ideas;

 ~ Grow grass heads (I had the seeds last holidays and totally forgot to do them)
 ~ Make pancakes with chocolate sprinkles
 ~ Make dance rings (thanks again to Bianca - see her Rainbow Rings here)
 ~ Make bunting - we're making alphabet and number bunting for M's school corner
 ~ Go to Story Time
 ~ Have Mummy/Daughter Pamper Night
 ~ Bake cookies for movie night
 ~ Movie Nights
 ~ Bake muffins and go on a picnic (if the weather turns bad we'll have a carpet picnic)
 ~ Decorate a library bag
 ~ Make paper plate rainbows with condensed milk
 ~ Make snow play dough (perfect in the lead up to our snow trip)
 ~ Board games night
 ~ Fly in a plane to the snow
 ~ Learn to ski
 ~ Build a snowman!

Along the way I'll share our little Holiday Fun List adventures.

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  1. Oh thank you for sharing my printable Bec! You've got so many fun activities planned I hope you have a ball these holidays! x

  2. Thanks Bianca we are having a lovely memorable time


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