Friday, July 5, 2013

What's on the menu this week

This week I went fridge, freezer and cupboard 'shopping' before hitting the shops.  We don't usually have excess goods but occasionally I'll find extra special bargains and will store them for future weeks.

'Shopping' before leaving home means we have less than a dozen items to buy for this weeks menu.  I love it!

So without further adieu;

Lamb and lentil soup
This was a freezer 'shop' from two weeks ago and I definitely think the flavour developed quite nicely.

Chilli con carne
Again this was a freezer 'shop', we'll just add rice.

Goulash soup with bread rolls
Hubby is feeling a little nostalgic with the cooler weather, this takes him back to his snow days.

Wiener Schnitzel
Again a nostalgia menu item.

Chicken korma with rice
I bought two bbq chickens really cheap at the end of the day and pulled apart one to freeze for a future meal.  So this is another freezer 'shop'  The korma sauce sachet was half price last week for $2.50

Lamb and bean stew
This was from last weeks menu so we already have the ingredients.  I substituted one of the bbq chicken's bought on special and made chicken spaghetti and cooked that instead of the Lamb and bean stew.

Quiz night ~ Matilda is on school holidays so we'll head out for the night eating at our local.

Feel free to request a recipe and I'll share it as a separate post. 

xx Bec


  1. Goulash soup sounds yummy... Think I will give that a try!!

    1. Hi Margaret, I'm happy to post the recipe if you would like.


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