Monday, July 22, 2013

A Tablet Cover

We recently bought an el cheapo tablet for the family to use.  But once we bought it we found it is seriously limited in its downloads ~ it is an android device but you can't access Google play on it.  So we have decided that Matilda can use it. 
Along with it being inexpensive and limited it also only came with a felt cover.  It also doesn't fit in an standard size cover I could find. Definitely not product I wouldn't endorse ha ha. It's very basic.
As we'll be taking it out of the house and on our holiday I needed to come up with a solution to make it portable.  I searched and came up with this idea;
I found a notebook in Target and et voila it was the right size.  Now to repurpose it.  I had to figure out how to attach the tablet to the notebook cover and it couldn't be permanent.  I thought the Command Strips would be perfect.
I separated the notebook from its cover with a Stanley knife. 
I found some cute scrapbook paper I had at home and covered where I removed the notebook with ribbon.  It's not perfect (ignore the glue marks) but it works and it is cute.  And it makes the tablet portable and safe. 
 photo f066a69c-69c1-4582-93c0-7505e7d2ebb3_zps0a980266.jpg


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